Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Beginning

So, I'm now a father. It's an interesting thing to say, as I still look in the mirror when I'm clean-shaven and think I could pass for a college freshman. When Kel and I go out with the little guy, I know there are people who look at us and get that 'way too young to have a kid' thought. If only they knew...

But this is a hockey blog, so I'll try to stay on topic. For some reason, almost everyone I know has asked the question "Does he have skates/a stick/a jersey yet?", implying that the little guy will be a hockey player. I'm not sure where these feelings come from. And yes, I'm being serious.

I like to think I'm many things. An engineer, a lover of the arts, a bit of an athlete...a well-rounded guy. Kelly is the same way. I know so many of our friendships revolve around hockey and hockey players/fans and so I generally understand the jump-to-conclusion that he'll play hockey. I'll be the first to admit that he has a set of Torpso gear and some Bauer gloves, the former being a 70% off sale item and the latter being a baby gift. But by no means am I expecting the little guy to play hockey. I know enough people in the game that that gear will be put to good use, no matter what.

My only request of him is 'Do something you love and do it exceptionally well'. If he can do multiple things exceptionally well, that's even better. But if those things include biology, playing the guitar, writing, soccer, acting or anything else under the sun, I'll be a happy and proud father. If those things are science and hockey, that would obviously be ok too. I will never be disappointed if he does something he loves.

You're supposed to want your children to be better than you are. In my case, I think I'm good at a lot of things but I'm not exceptional at any one thing (I'll throw a 'yet' in there, as I'm not done yet). I'm not an NHL player or coach, I can't play any instruments, I've never invented or discovered anything and no one is asking me advise as a brilliant engineer. But I can talk to just about anything with anyone and have a general knowledge of the subject.

Hockey is a big part of my life. I do hope the little dude has an appreciation for the game, as I think it's wonderful. But if all he ever does with the game is cheer on the Caps, that would be ok.

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  1. I got a small scholarship to go to Towson because I played Trumpet. I guess I was pretty good 'eh. I stopped when it stopped being fun.