Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Z is for Zubrus

After spending the weekend traveling to Massachusetts with the family, I realized from the plethora of Boston Bruins-themed baby gear that there is almost no Caps-themed 'stuff' for my 7 month old. The book 'Z is for Zamboni' has lots of references to hockey culture, history and is Original Six heavy. We need to create something for Caps babies.

We're calling it 'Z is for Zubrus'.

A is for Alzner, the young Defenseman with a Hertz Gold Card.
B is for Bradley, whom everything needs more of.
C is for Carlson, the defenseman who makes Mike Green tradable in 2 years.
D is for Donald, who is gone but not forgotten.
E is for Erskine, the caveman on skates.
F is for Fehr, who is still looking for ice time.
G is for Green, who likes his sticks blue.
H is for Hunter, who really needed some anger management classes.
I is for Iafrate, who shot really hard and smoked even harder.
J is for Juneau, who put the Caps in the finals.
K is for Khristich, who loved the Caps so much, he came back for more.
L is for Landover, where Abe built his arena and loved his Bullets more.
M is for McPhee, the GM who really wishes he hadn't signed Nylander.
N is for Nylander, who never learned what 'go away' meant.
O is for Ovechkin, the best in the world.
P is for Peeters, who wore the brown pads.
Q is for Quintin, who broke his jaw and then gave an interview.
R is for Reekie, who was really, really slow.
S is for Semin, who pulls a David Copperfield in the playoffs.
T is for Ted, the owner who waits in line like the commoners.
U is for Ustorf, who was a really bad draft pick.
V is for Verizon Center, where the cockroaches roam.
W is for Weber, the great Caps radio voice.
X is for X-rays, which hockey players get a lot.
Y is for the Young Guns, Ovie, Green, Backstrom and Semin.
Z is for Zubrus, who somehow couldn't get 80 points skating with Ovie.

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