Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ten Thoughts Concerning Dan Bylsma Coaching the Caps

1. Based on his playoff coaching record, the Caps would be better off hiring someone else. One measly Stanley Cup? What a bum.

2. Well, at least that awkward moment of having to deal with Michal Neuvirth wouldn't be an issue any more.

3. If the Caps made Bylsma their next head coach, he would be the first American-born coach in their history (Ron Wilson is Canadian-born, but American). Also, John Carlson would get all the ice time he wants.

4. Given his coaching record against the Caps, maybe he'll have some insight to share on what he sees that makes them beatable. "I had Sidney Crosby and you didn't" probably won't go over well here.

5. in 1989, Blysma was drafted 5 spots ahead of Pavel Bure. Great draft there by Winnepeg... Blysma is obviously the better coach of the two!

6. Bylsma inherited a very good, but underachieving, Penguins team and won a Cup with them. Maybe the Caps should put him on retainer and hire him mid-season to rekindle that magic.

7. If Byslma joins the Caps, expect "Caps Interested in T.J. Oshie" trade rumors once a month.

8. When your (possibly) former owner is Mario Lemieux, any other interview is likely to be far less intimidating... unless of course this guy gets the Caps GM job.

9. Somehow I think Bylsma would be asked to leave this monstrosity at home. Hey, at least it has the Caps logo on it...

10. Bylsma's nickname is 'Disco Dan'. Washington already has a Disco Dan, and he was pretty "Cool".

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