Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gnu Game Recap - 10/21

Because beer league hockey is just as important as the NHL, I'll also try to give recaps of the games I personally play in.

-The 3-0 loss was not representative of the crapfest that was out team game. Ron stood on his head while we continuously left him out to dry.

-Where do the Piranhas find all these fast, skilled, fat guys? Very few players on that team are in good shape, but they still play fast hockey, while throwing their bodies around.

-Ron really does have only one move against breakaways. A little hesitation and a wide angle and you'll be staring at an empty net 9 times out of 10.

-We always seem to put our defensive-minded line on the ice for the start of every PP.

-A certain defenseman had a +4 minute shift that looked aweful Turnover, clearing attempt that didn't make it out, following a player behind the net while someone was wide open in front. That was the first 2.5 minutes. We got called for a penalty and he stayed on the ice for another 1.5 minutes of the PK that looked similar, ending in a goal against. It was clear he was tired, but near the end of the shift, he could be seen carrying the puck up the ice in offensive-minded mode.

-We can't play a roller hockey game. Not enough passing ability, not enough team speed. We're grinders be we can't grind against a team that plays more physical than us.

We're missing something...our most offensive players are our defensemen and no one looks willing to stand in front of the net top put the garbage in. Something needs to change.

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