Monday, October 26, 2009

Thoughts on the Game: NY Islanders, 10/24

Come from behind win! Awesome comeback! Tons of heart!

Um, what game were we watching again?

-Once again, the defense looks like headless chickens when the puck is in their end. They're proving, game in and game out, that the only way they can get the puck our when there's pressure is to throw it away.

-The Caps are TERRIBLE on faceoffs. TERRIBLE. I forget the stat, but it's something like 30% won in the defensive zone. Ugh.

-I know we dumped on Schultz last season and that he's better than people think. I also know he had a lot of points last week and he deserves an 'I'm sorry' for all the boos he gets. But can we please not turn this into a giant love-fest? His goal was very, very fluky. He's not Chara YET.

-For the first time since I can remember, I don't remember Ovechkin at all from this game. Well, other than hanging onto the crossbar during Aucoin's goal as if he were Stallone in the movie 'Cliffhanger'. Oh, and the slew foot.

-Ovie needs new sticks. Seriously, you'd think that CCM could make sticks that their #1 sponsor/most popular NHL player/superstar could actually use. When he borrowed Semin's Bauers, they didn't break. Just a thought.

-I've been dumping on Mike Green lately. I think his work ethic fluctuates and he acts like being a good hockey player is the same as winning a popularity contest. Oh, and he's stopped hitting. However, if he can somehow keep the fire and drive he showed after the hit to his knee last game, he'll do just fine. Do I think he's a 30 goal/80 point D? No. 15 goals and 60 points? Sure. Sorry I ever doubted you Mike.

-Oh, and I think I figured out Green's problem: His new sticks weren't bright blue! Last game, he had a new Easton stick that was obviously spraypainted the same shade of blue as his old Stealths. I guess if you can trick the mind into THINKING it's the same stick, it'll act like the same stick.

-Tavares is pretty good, but I don't think he's in the same class as the last few #1 overalls. Ovie and Crosby were better players at this stage of their careers.

-This Islanders team reminds me of the Caps a few years ago. Not much going in the wins column, but teams left DC feeling like they'd been beaten up. That's where winning starts. These Islanders will be good again soon.

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