Monday, October 4, 2010

Brunch & Hockey

"It's too early!"

In the hour or so before yesterday's Caps 12:30pm preseason game, that was the most overheard phrase in the Verizon Center area. Bleary-eyed Caps fans, half awake from late Saturday nights, streamed into the arena like zombies in Dawn of the Dead. Only it seemed like these Red Undead all headed for the Dunkin Donuts kiosk inside Verizon Center, the line at times being 50+ people deep.

On any ordinary 7pm game day, there are a multitude of options for pre-game food and libations with friends. But for a 12:30 Sunday game, the available options are far fewer. Sure, most restaurants in the area open at 11am, but judging from the coffee-mad lines at DD and Starbucks, most Caps fans aren't quite ready for a big salad, burrito or burger yet. It's Sunday. We need Brunch.

Fortunately enough, local vendors have noticed. Here are a few spots that cater to Bloody Mary drinking, eggs and sausage eating Caps fans.

Ruby Tuesdays: They have the distinction of being the only option that opens at 9am. Ruby's has a decent brunch Menu and a full bar. Plus, it's right across the street from the VC entrance.

Clyde's: The pricier option for Brunch spots, they have a great menu that includes a Kid's Brunch. One of the few Brunch options that opens at 10am.

Checking out the Waitresses at Matchbox

Matchbox: Also opening at 10am, this excellent Pizza joint has a fine Brunch Menu and a great list of Brunch Cocktails. Or, if you're like me one of those people who likes beer at 10am, their draft list includes some great micro-brews. Plus, from personal experience, Matchbox is very kid-friendly (my son enjoyed flirting with smiling at the waitresses all morning yesterday).

Jaleo: Opening at 11am for Brunch, this Tapas joint offers much of their main menu to go with Brunch-specific items. Plus, their juice and cocktail list is great for pre-gaming it.

Austin Grill: Yes, they have Brunch! Starting at 11am, this Tex-Mex restaurant serves classic items and things like Huevos Rancheros. Add a cold Shiner, and you're getting your Sunday started right.

Fado Irish Pub: Guiness and Irish Breakfast. I shouldn't have to say more. Fado opens at various times, depending on sporting events, but as they play soccer everywhere in the world, they'll probably be open.

District Chophouse: Opening at 11am, this brewery/restaurant has a fantastic Brunch menu with options ranging from omelets to Porterhouse steaks. And did I mention they brew their own beer?

(I'm sure I haven't covered all the great pre-game options in the Verizon Center area, so if you know of any, let people know with a quick comment)

While only 2 games are currently slated to start at 12:30 this season, the Caps popularity will inevitably get another Sunday game moved for TV purposes. So don't be afraid to set the alarm a little earlier than you'd like and head down to grab some Brunch before Rocking the Red.


  1. The question is which would be more of a chick magnet? Ovechkin or Spider Man? hmmmmm

  2. oh you boys start young! hehe

    i love how you brought another subject into the mix, and yet, it was still under the hockey umbrella.