Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sasha vs. Sasha: Fists of Fury

At Saturday's Caps Convention, during the always-entertaining Kids Panel, the following question was asked (from Rock The Red.net):
Q: If you could fight anyone in the NHL who would you pick?

Ovechkin: [quick to answer] Semin
You know what this means... another installment of Sasha vs. Sasha!


In their careers, the Sasha's have combined for 2 regular season fights. Ovechkin took on Paul Gaustad of Buffalo in December, 2006 (with 75% of hockeyfights.com users choosing Gaustad the winner) wile Semin had an infamous bout with Mark Staal of the Rangers in January of 2009 (with 48% choosing Staal the winner). And, of course, Ovechkin tried to take on Steve Downie of Tampa Bay last season, with Matt Bradley jumping in before punches were thrown. But in a head-to-head match, who would win?
Size: While both Alexes are listed as being 6'2", Ovechkin has a sizable weight advantage (25 lbs) over Semin. Advantage: Ovie
Reach: Unlike the NBA, the NHL doesn't list a player's wingspan. But with all the offensive-zone holding and interference penalties Semin gets, he clearly possesses Go-Go-Gadget Arms. Advantage: Semin
Footwork: Both players exhibit their tremendous foot-speed and lateral ability on the ice. Advantage: Push
Conditioning: Semin spends the off-season relaxing, vacationing and fishing. Ovie spends the off-season doing cardio with the ladies training. Advantage: Ovie
Hands: Ovechkin's short, quick release while close to opponents suggests a jabbing style boxer. Semin, on the other hand, has a large wind-up and huge, sweeping release. Ovie would tire Semin down with lots of strikes while Semin would be throwing haymakers. In a hockey fight, where you have maybe 40 seconds worth of true fight time, you simply can't rely on jabs. Advantage: Semin
Intangibles: Ovie's willingness to take on an established fighter such as Downie speaks to his toughness. Semin, on the other hand, has shown that he'll go Donkey Kong-mental when tested. And there's nothing scarier than an angry chimp. Advantage: Semin
So there you have it! Semin wins 3-2-1 in a battle of the Sashas. Granted, Ovechkin would probably be laughing the whole time, but Semin 'The Siberian Tiger' should score the TKO.


  1. this posting has gone completely over my head. but i have a sneaking suspicion that most of your postings will be lost on me. hehe

    c'mon! i get an 'A' for effort. right?