Thursday, September 16, 2010

Casual Friday

Tomorrow is Friday, which during football season, means the majority of my colleagues will be donning their Ravens, Redskins, Giants, Steelers, Packers and Cowboys jerseys and trash talking each other in the lunch room. It's a time of year that reminds me of the second-class status hockey owns compared to the big three of professional sports.

So I'm speaking to all the managers who have the authority to declare things when I petition for "All Sports Friday" rather than "Football Friday".

Sure, attempting to remain business-like in an Extra Large, bright red Caps jersey makes you look like a 4rd round draft pick, especially with the knot of your tie poking up through the NHL-logo'd collar. But there is something cool about seeing a long sleeved, slightly baggy hockey jersey in a business meeting. It shows that you're serious. It shows that you think outside the box. It shows that you're capable of anything.

I'm not trying to fight football for supremacy or anything. I know I'd probably be one of maybe one two people to wear a hockey jersey if this request came to be. I'd be stared at and questioned by everyone with a Raiders jersey. But I'd be networking.

Maybe I'll just start wearing my jersey from time to time. I wonder how long it would take for someone to question it and tell me it's unprofessional. And they'd be lucky football jerseys aren't baggy enough to be pulled over their heads.

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