Friday, September 17, 2010

Grumpy Brooksie

It seems as if Brooks Laich is still a bit pissed by the way his season ended last year. In yesterday's Toronto Sun article, he said that he is "getting called 'Grumpy'", which is a bit understandable given last season's high expectations and subsequent poor playoff performance.

Here's Brooks. I wouldn't say he looks 'grumpy'. More like 'focused'. I'm sure the ladies would probably use other adjectives entirely. defines grumpy as "surly or ill-tempered; discontentedly or sullenly irritable; grouchy". Ok, that helps define Brooks' mood this offseason. But is he truly deserving of the nickname 'Grumpy'? I think we need some Pop Culture help here.

When I think of 'Grumpy', several images come to mind. First, of course, is Grumpy the Dwarf.

Hmm... same intense stare. Same 'I'm serious' eyebrows. Same red uniform and a serious playoff beard. But those shoes are seriously throwing me off. Sorry Brooks, close but no nachos.

Next up, is Grumpy the Care Bear.

First off, he's blue. Secondly, his logo includes hearts. I just don't see Brooksie wearing anything with hearts on it. An 'I Heart Mom' tattoo, maybe. Finally, he's in terrible hockey shape. I know you need that belly for Care Bear Staring, but someone needs to lay off the Butterfingers. Nope, doesn't fit.

Lastly we have Mr. Grumpy, created by the great Roger Hargreaves.

Once again, we have the blueish complexion as a distinct difference. Both do have the solid, square jaw and are built like bricks. I just don't think Brooks would really wear a green top hat.

Nope, I frankly don't think the 'Grumpy' nickname will stick this season. That is, unless Mr. Laughlin starts throwing it out there on a regular basis.

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  1. I will take Brooks Laich any way I can get him, grumpy or not!