Wednesday, September 15, 2010

STH Benefits

Upon receiving my Washington Capitals Season tickets in the mail the other day, I eagerly opened the packaging to find all sorts of goodies: lanyards, ticket holders, pins, a bag and a flash drive with the Season Ticket Holder (STH) Guide Book. All this stuff in addition to the STH Party later this season, free STH gift and other assorted benefits of having Caps Season Tickets (first dibs at playoff tickets being my favorite).

But in Section 412, there are perks that no other section in the arena has. And they're awesome perks.

-By sitting directly behind the AV guys, I can see Tyler Sloan's name the scratches before everyone else. This is a game changing perk when you know that Sean Avery is scratched in Game 5 against the Rangers before everyone in the arena.

-You can also see the end of the 4:00pm NFL games on the Sound Guy's tiny TV. I can't tell the score or which teams are playing, but the moving colored blurs are pretty.

-Being directly below the press box entrance, I get to see Stretch and Vogs saunter up the 412 stairs at least once a game. I used to see Tarik and Corey walk those stairs... (*tear).

-Also at the top of those stairs is the in-house video replay booth, allowing the section to yell at people we don't know and who won't be influenced by our 'NO GOAL!' chants at them no matter how many beers you offer them.

-We get to sit next to two of our best friends. Unless it's a Penguins game, in which case we get to sit next to one of our best friends and the guy in the Pittsburgh jersey we're pretending not to know.

-Being at the end of the ice where the Caps shoot twice, I've seen more goals for than against. Or, during last year's playoffs, more saves than in Mariano Rivera's entire career.

-The added benefit of watching almost every other section win Section Roulette or be visited by the Red Rockers and Slap Shot with Chipotle/hats/shirts/schwag. I have enough fatty burritos and Caps gear, thanks.

-When beer bottles and other assorted items come cascading down after game 7 losses, even the weakest of arms can usually propel items over us and out of the upper deck. Heads up down there!

-I always know how much time is left at the end of a period.

-My son managed to sleep through Ovie's 50th goal last season, so apparently the section is pretty mild...

-Yet no one ever accuses me of swearing too much.

It's a great section with great people who happen to be huge Caps fans. I can't wait to cheer right along side everyone again this year. See you guys in a few weeks!


  1. Sorry Kevin but the real fans are in 407.

    -We never get Red Rockers, Chipotle or Roulette either.
    -We have the "Do Better" guy.
    -The "Clemmensen" chant started in our section (although I admit it has been diluted by fans who don't know why we do it).
    -We are the ones who yell "Time for a shortie"

    And best of all, you walk out of our tunnel and there is a bar to the left and a men's bathroom to the right.

  2. You have "Do Better" guy!? When is the seat-switching event again? Seriously, we should lump my " How much time is left?" guy, "Fake Horn Guy" and your "Do Better" guy into a Mega Section.