Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Well Caps fans, now that last weeks' Development Camp has come and gone and we're left with no Caps affiliated hockey activities until September, there is a tendency to get a bit bored with the lack of things to do during the warm months. We're here to help.

Here are a few suggestions of what to do with you hockey downtime:

1. Find some water.
If you can believe it, water is actually just warmed up ice!! (I know, crazy right!?)

2. Grill out.
Food always tastes better when it's grilled. You can use a gas grill, charcoal grill, or CCM sticks to obtain the right temperatures to cook with.

3. Go to the zoo/aquarium.
The rink isn't the only place you'll find Panthers, Predators, Thrashers, Sharks, Ducks, Bruins, Coyotes, Penguins and Karl Alzner's beard. We recommend you don't jump against the glass though...

4. Play street hockey.
It was good enough for Wayne and Garth, it's good enough for you!

5. Read a book.
May I suggest a few books I mentioned in a previous post. And no, there is no such thing a Curious George Plays Hockey. There is 'Z Is For Zamboni' though!!!

6. Go see Hockey!
They're a band! They're at Lollapalooza this August! You can tell people you saw Hockey, outdoors, in August in Chicago!!!

7. Watch Ultimate Gretzky.
You know, since last season's Caps are constantly being compared to Gretzky's Oilers, you may as well see what they're all talking about. Be prepared for your jaw to drop a bit... they're better that you remembered.

8. Take a class.
Pottery is always nice, or maybe learn Russian. Or, may I suggest one endorsed by Brooks Laich?


  1. Can you find me a class taught by Brooks Laich? Because I would totally sign up for that. At least Kovalchuk contract drama is midly entertaining. I feel like this has been a rather boring free agency.

    Might I also suggest bored Caps come to the blood drive on Saturday? Free Carlson shirt and bobblehead, plus the man himself is supposed to make an appearance.

  2. I will be at the drive on Saturday for sure, having signed up last week. I would also suggest the Leap for a Cure event in August... my personal radar gun will be there clocking shots.

  3. I don't know what Leap for a Cure is...maybe you could post a link about it? Or did you already and I missed it?