Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Caps Equipment Sale

This Saturday is the annual Caps Equipment Sale, held at Kettler Capitals Iceplex. Every year, this event brings local hockey players and Ebay Power Sellers non-players together in a mad rush to find the best sticks from a wall of hundreds of composite twigs. In an effort to bring some order to this chaos, I've devised this handy cheat sheet so you know what to look for when you get inside.

Stick Facts
Alex OvechkinRCCM Vector U+ Crazy LightThese sticks may actually be on fire! Bring oven mitts!
Nicklas BackstromLBauer X:60Don't worry if you can't find one, as there will be more of these sticks available for the next 10 years.
Alexander SeminRBauer One95These sticks expired April 11th and no longer score goals.
Mike GreenREaston STSee: Semin Sticks
Brooks LaichLWarrior DolomiteCan also be used as a tire iron!
Mike KnubleREaston SE16These sticks are magnetic and are attracted to the blue paint used in goalie creases.
Tomas FleischmannLBauer One95Coach Boudreau is always saying how good these sticks are.
Brendan MorrisonLEaston S19Technically, these are left handed but they can also be used between the legs.
Eric FehrRCCM Vector U+These sticks really should score more, but they aren’t used nearly enough.
Jason ChimeraLBauer One95Aerodynamically shaped for speed!!!
Matt BradleyRReebok 10KBad. Ass. Sticks. May have blood stains.
Tom PotiLWarrior DolomiteThese sticks are sharpened. Seriously.
Jeff SchultzLWarrior DolomiteNot a mark on these sticks, a true rarity for the sticks of a defenseman.
David SteckelLEaston SE16Super tall sticks. Like Godzilla tall.
Shaone MorrisonnLBauer One95Name is spelled wrong on every stick... not enough 'N's.
Boyd GordonREaston SE16These sticks win faceoffs. That’s about all they do.
Mathieu PerreaultLReebok 10KNot the biggest sticks, but really fun to use.
John ErskineLBauer One95These sticks are exact replicas of Captain Caveman’s club.
John CarlsonRCCM Vector U+ , Bauer X:60, ReebokThese sticks come with pride. And red, white, and blue tape.
Tyler SloanLReebok 10KWe still can't figure out why we have these sticks.
Keith AucoinRReebok, WarriorReally long sticks. Compensating for something…
Karl AlznerLReebok 10KThese sticks come with a booklet of rental car coupons.
Quintin LaingLEaston S19These sticks are made from old Army tank armour.
Chris BourqueLWarrior HitmanEveryone always compares them to his dad’s sticks.
Semyon VarlamovRWarrior Swagger, Bauer X:60American girls shouldn’t bother buying these sticks. They won’t work for you.
Michael NeuvirthRReebok 6KThese sticks just want a hug.
Jose TheodoreLBauer X:60We really hope we're not making a mistake by selling these...

Now, for a few basic Equipment Sale Rules:
  1. There is a 4 stick per person limit this year. That doesn't mean you can't grab an armful of sticks and hold them for your friends to arrive.
  2. These sticks are way too long for kids to use. It's OK to shove them aside for your own financial gain.
  3. There will probably be no sticks available for: Ovechkin, Backstrom, Semin, Green, Carlson or Varlamov. You should complain as loudly as possible about this fact.
  4. They wash the jerseys before they sell them. Sorry ladies hoping to get a sweat-nasty Brooks Laich jersey.
  5. There will be a lot of prospect/departing player sticks on the wall. And just a warning: I've found at least 5 Matt Pettinger sticks at every equipment sale for the last 5 years. I think it's a running gag at this point.
  6. Don't worry if you can't find any sticks you're looking for. They'll be up on Ebay later this weekend for 4x as much.
That's it. Have fun, and happy stick hunting!


  1. Thanks for sharing this list. Now these "power sellers" will snatch up all the ones worth buying.

  2. I hope not! Something tells me the Ebayers don't care enough about hockey to actually read these blogs. My hope is the REAL fans and players might be able to nab the good stuff before the goons do. I'm bringing a couple kids I coach in the hopes that they'll be able to find something for their upcoming season.

  3. Part of the problem is the R vs L Ratio. Us right handers have a really tough time finding sticks. The good news its a 4 stick max again this year. The first year I went to this I saw people with 30 sticks. I was so mad.

  4. I was at the Devils equipment sale a month or so ago, and both of DRU's comments are right on. First, there were amazingly few right handed sticks available, and they had no limit so the first ten guys got ALL the right handed sticks, except the one I got. The biggest difference between the Devils and Caps sales that I found was the fan gear(jerseys, tshirts, polos etc.) The Devils has TONS, where that caps had more actual equipment. BTW, I'm proud to be the oldest "kid" Kevin coaches. ;-)

  5. I agree with the R/L issue. The Caps actually have a fair number of righties, but if you take away any and all sticks from Ovie, Semin and Green (since those sticks never seem to see the light of day), you're left with just a few non-southpaw sticks.

  6. What about those of us who live a million miles from Kettler? I'm 5 hours north of Toronto, have been a caps fan for 25+yrs, but can't exactly get down there for the wknd... and certainly would prefer NOT to pay eBay prices!

    Having never been to the sale (obviously), so please excuse my ignorance, but are there helmets, gloves, pants, etc in abundance? Or are most/all of these snatched up by dudes like Byron's Hockey Land? (and yes, I said 'snatch")


  7. Funny post.

    I'm glad they aren't doing the sale as part of the convention this year. I thougth it really sucked that you had to buy a convention ticket to go to the equipment sale last year.

  8. Yes, jtpaterson, they usually do have all the left over gear from the previous season. Some of it is pretty beat up, but some looks to be tried on and put back on the shelf. From what I know, every NHL team does this; Ted Leonsis once told me that 50% of the profits from these sales go to the players... it's in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

  9. Thanks Kevin... I am familiar with the ideology of "Equipment Sale" despite having never been to one... but now that it's all said and done, and predictably I wasn't able to beam myself to Kettler for the event, might anyone know of a way to purchase one of the infamous "Pettinger" sticks or the like? I desperately need a new bucket, and if it has to have remnants Joe Reekie or Brendan Witt or Donald Brashear sweat contained within, so be it!
    shoot an email if you prefer! jtpaterson @ gmail.com

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